Sunday, April 26, 2009

Google Font

Rhett Dashwood (a hero name if I ever heard one) spent months viewing Victoria, Australia through Google Maps, collecting images for each letter in the alphabet. If one were inclined, one could probably duplicate this for any region, giving each country/state/city its own Google Maps font.

Full alphabet (and map coordinates) on Rhett's site.

(via Geekology, who saw it on Gizmodo, who ran across it on today and tomorrow)


  1. Something awesome. I wanted to know where C was, as that's an awesome tennis court. But it didn't tell me exactly where it was, so I got directions from Cheney. The location is in Australia. The directions on how to get there are awesome. Try it yourself. Very funny.

  2. Driving directions to Glenferrie Rd
    13,539 mi – about 54 days 13 hours