Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Good News

This past weekend, instead of sleeping all day, or planning to clean the house and ending up sleeping all day, or planning to study Japanese and ending up sleeping all day, or hanging out with my girlfriend (whom had fled to another country, but I'll track her down again), I worked. This isn't that unusual; I've worked weekends before. This time, though, I worked at a different school. Takefu Higashi Senior High School. The International Course has English camps every now and again, and I finally got to go to one. It was Fantastic! I loved it. Most of the students had very high (compared to my Junior High students anyway) English skills. It was a lot of fun.

But. They didn't tell us they would be filming everything. It was very distracting to try to talk to your group with a camera stuck in your face. They didn't ask for permission, or even mention it at any time (not even while we were there. It was like 'Mystery of the Invisible Cameramen').

Although, I did end up on the news. The Kyoto-Sensei told me today that I had been on the news on Saturday. Unfortunately, of course, no one recorded it (Tivo pretty much doesn't exist here). Not that I would have wanted them to. I had an acne outbreak last week; I'd hate to think that that image of me would be preserved for all time.

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