Monday, March 28, 2005

Work Life

You know those times when you're working in a Japanese Junior High, and you're at your computer, and you look up, and EVERYONE IN THE ROOM is standing up respectfully for some visitor whose arrival you hadn't noticed? Everyone is standing and facing the visitor, or maybe bowing in unison, and you're typing away on your blog, completely unaware of how you're breaking the Wa of the room and offending said visitor.

I hate those times. I hate them even worse than the times I look up and everyone in the office is gone. Where did they go? I think I get too absorbed in whatever I'm doing.

What am I supposed to when everyone is standing up except me? Leap to my feet and pretend I was standing the whole time? Go back to what I was doing and ignore the visitor?

I usually leap to my feet, grab my coffee cup, and leave the room to get more coffee. Let them wonder. It's not as effective as kicking them in the groin and then giving them ice cream, but I have to work with the materials at hand.

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