Thursday, March 24, 2005


I previously mentioned the RSS reader "Pluck". Well, in the process of converting from Internet Explorer to Firefox (which, by the way, all of you should do as well), I wanted to transfer my RSS feeds from Pluck to Sage.

Pluck, likely sensing the fact that I wouldn't need it anymore, first refused to export my RSS feeds, and then deleted them. Without warning.



  1. I've been using Firefox since v.6, dude, I've been saying for a couple of years now, DUMP IE! I TOLD YOU THAT 2 YEARS AGO!


    Sorry, I've just been trying like hell to get all my clients to switch, and they LOOK for imaginary problems (well, firefox crashed the site I was looking at... [Don't even ask, I still get a headache thinking about it])

  2. I've installed and uninstalled Firefox twice before now.

    It does take a bit of configuring to get it just right. It's not out-of-the-box like IE. It's kind of like Linux that way.

    I want to post all of the changes I've made and the extensions I'm using. I probably will at some point during the current school break. :)

  3. Oy! Wait! You've been using FF this whole time, and never mentioned that the links in my quotes weren't working?

  4. I much prefer FF and keep IE around for programming web sites and for those rare occasions when something just doesn't work in FF.

    What really boils my bum are the tiny differences between FF and IE. I've been revamping our web site at work (which =desperately= needs it) and everyone once in a while I try to do something simple (like, say, position a DIV) and it won't display the same across the two browsers. Why not? Pixels are pixels are pixels, aren't they? So what the hell?


    Still, everyone should just switch to FF. I remember reading about a potential security risk in FF a few months ago. Within twelve hours, there was a patch for it. I'd like to see MS do that with IE.