Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tales of Woe (Part II)

A sad, sad turn of events.

My awesome, favorite, beloved kouchou sensei for Itou Middle School is leaving. Ever since I came to Japan, he has made work fun and interesting, and it has been a joy to come to work in the morning.

I have very few regrets, but right now, the fact that I have not yet learned enough Japanese to have more conversations with him is high on my list. I thought there would be more time. Alas.

Moral for today: Don't take the people in your life for granted.


  1. Ok Phoenix, you need to stop doing that.


    Last night I was sitting around with my gf, and two good friends. We had just finished eating tai spicy stir fry, and were sitting down to watch a couple of videos we had rented. I sat there, and it occured to me that this was exactly the kind thing you always miss, but only after it's no longer around. I voiced this, adding that I for one was going to enjoy it as much as possible.

    Moral of my story... Don't take the people in your life for granted, enjoy them as much as you can, while you still can....

  2. Is Asahi East Junior High formerly known as Itou Junior High?

  3. Itou was previously Asahi Nishi (West).
    Asahi was previously Asahi Higashi (East).
    The names changed when Asahi joined Echizen town.

    The kouchou at East (Higashi) is the one I have problems with (working during the break, have to come to work early, can't study Go, etc). So, of course, he will always be around.

  4. Of course. Murphy's Law of Koucho Sensei's.