Thursday, September 22, 2005

[Engrish] Bad Language

So, I was watching a fansub of R.O.D the TV (Read or Die), and there were ... problems.

Now, let me preface this with a confession: I can't really speak or understand Japanese, AND I'm hard of hearing. But even *I* could tell when they were getting it wrong. So that's REALLY bad.

3: Nice to meet you, Ginia. 6: Oh, it's Gynia? No, it's Junior. This is the second most painful mistake in the bunch, but the humor lasts and lasts, as it was consistently wrong for the entire first half of the series.

22 a: He means "Get ahold of the President" so I can kind of see how "Capture" works. Sort of.

22 b: Ugh. The most painful of the bunch. He CLEARLY says Razorback. Several times. I don't know how you can get this one so wrong, unless neither English nor Japanese is your native language. In which case, congratulations on getting as close as you did.

22 c: She starts to say "Chotto matte..." (Wait a second...) and is cut off after "Cho..." which sort of sounds like "Jo..." So, I can sort of see this one. Kind of.

23: Apparently, someone has never seen the name Earhart in print before.

25 a: She says Junior-kun, but I guess the Japanese word for recollection (juukai, iirc; it's not in my dictionary) is kind of close. Sort of.

25 b: Capitalization is for losers. 25 d: So are spaces.

Now, actual Engrish from the show:

This is actually the one that started me down this path. What the heck does "DUME IT!!" mean?? Seriously!

If you look closely, here you can see where the original (ALDOATE) was replaced by the correct ALDGATE.

Should this say Metropolitan? I'm just guessing...

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