Wednesday, September 14, 2005

[News] Misc

  1. I hope everyone is enjoying Holy Pasta Week, which starts today (well, yesterday if you're Italian Orthodox like me).
  2. The two new female teachers at my base school are both pregnant. They just started here this past term.
  3. My town finally has a page in English!
  4. Yesterday for lunch we had pita bread. Only, they say 'pan' for bread in Japanese. So, we ate pita pan.
  5. On Sunday I bought mini-cream-pan (cream-pan is bread with like a custard in the center) for the teacher's room. Yesterday (Wednesday) there was still one left. So, I nuked it to take the edge of the staleness off. But, the controls are in Japanese, and I couldn't find the "nuke for 15 seconds" button. Well, I got it figured out enough to get it started, and just counted for 15 seconds and shut it off. That should warm it up, right?

    I'm not saying that the cream center was hot, but I used my fresh cup of coffee to cool my tongue.
  6. My local CIR is doing a story on the ALTs for my (expanded) town. She wanted a picture, and I half-jokingly suggested the me-covered-in-mud picture. I think it's a pretty good reflection of the kind of guy I am (i.e. clumsy). She's considering it.
Added two new (well, old, but new to you) pictures to the me-covered-in-mud page.


  1. Mike and Emily are coming over tonight and we're all going to celebrate HPW. May you be touched by his noodly appendage on this holiest of weeks!

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  3. You ate pita pan? Why couldn't it have been tinka belle? I hate her. My you be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

  4. I hope you get to use the mud picture - I saw it, it's cool.