Wednesday, September 21, 2005

[Random] 555-2368

We're ready to believe you!

(who ya gonna call?)


  1. The Jarrett residence? Oh, no, I think you meant the Ghostbusters.

  2. Never seen it, but it's on my To-Watch list.

    Speaking of "Ordinary People": whenever I read about Hollywood execs complaining about how P2P sharing is causing the decline in movie figures, I can't help thinking "You want movie figures to be like they were? Give us a year of movies like 1980. Stop giving us crap and telling us it's lasagna. Stop pissing on us and saying it's wine. Stop serving raw sewage at the theatres, and maybe attendance will go back up."

    Filesharing isn't the problem. Nothing's worth sharing anymore anyway.

    Not to go off on a rant, but what happened to this world? To where did all the creativity and genius disappear?