Thursday, September 22, 2005

[Me] Hometown Nicknames.

OK, I'm from Spokane, right? So the first place I looked up in PlaceOpedia was Spokane. Which wasn't there. T_T

So, I added it (and PlaceOpedia didn't save the proper zoom level, so clearly bugs are still being worked out).

Anyway, in adding it, I looked up my hometown in Wikipedia, something I hadn't done before. Included among other interesting bits of trivia are nicknames...
  • Spovegas or Spokavegas
  • Spokompton or Spocompton
  • Spokanistan
  • The 'Kan
  • Spokangeles
  • Spoklahoma
  • Methlehem (in reference to the city's problem with the manufacturing, sale, and use of methamphetamines)
I hadn't heard of most of these before.

Spovegas/Spokavegas...I just don't see it.
Spokompten I've used.
Spokanistan...I love it.
The 'Kan...meh.
Spokangeles...I'm going to start using this one. ^_^
Spoklahoma...probably better with a long 'o' Spooooklahoma! (start singing)
Methlehem...Doesn't fit the "SpoSomething" mold, so could probably be easily applied to any region. The only reference I can find is an article from three years ago titled "O' Little Town in Methlehem", but that was general to eastern Washington, not Spokane specific. Interestingly, there is an actually a New Methlehem Mennonite School, and a song by Snake River Conspiracy named Methlehem. So, too general.

Are you from SpoCAN or SpoCAN'T?


  1. Spovegas or Spokavegas - I don't see it either.
    Spokompton or Spocompton - Used it.
    Spokanistan - Also love it.
    The 'Kan - Now I'll probably catch myself saying it sometime this week.
    Spokangeles - No way, we're not as cool or lame as LA.
    Spoklahoma - Spoooooklahoma!
    Methlehem - Funny, but I agree that it doesn't fit and it too general.

  2. I like Spokangeles and Spokanistan because they have the full Spokane in them. So, even though Spokane isn't as lame or "cool" as LA, I still like Spokangeles. ^_^

    And of course, any opportunity to work angels of any kind into the conversation... ^_~