Monday, September 05, 2005


Seriously, wtf?

(not to be confused with Strongbad)


  1. So how does a man of limited vocabulary and creativity judge another person's lack of talent?

    Does he look at his own work and then at the work of the person he wishes to judge? If they are of the same quality, then does he gets out his big rubber stamp and deems the other person "UN-TALENTED"?

    The real heartbreak is this great opportunity was just thrown away.

  2. Haha, Samten. Although, I expected you to write "UN-TALENT...ED"?

  3. "What a disappointment. I KNOW you can insult me better than that! It's like you're not even trying! And I had such high hopes. Alas..."


  4. #1: Ah, such witty banter. How shall I ever recover from this stunning blow? ^_^ "You're tacky and I hate you." "OK, you see me after class!"

    #2: Do you have a personal blog? I see you are posting as Owen Lars, your Star Wars persona. The persona you assure people is separate from the "real" you.

    #3: My rectum hurts.

    #4: Yes, I don't know why I keep forcing you to come back to my really bad, bland blog (wow, tongue twister!) But you hit the nail on the head, I really am forcing you to come back again and again. Your curiosity won't let you stay away for long. Oh, you can try, but you'll fail. A few days will pass, and you'll start to wonder...has he replied to my comment? What did he say? Did he insult me? Oh, I'm going to get him! And right back you come. It's almost too easy. The Force, as they say, can have a strong influence on the weak-minded. I find it to be a powerful ally.

    #5: Why would I delete negative comments? Actually, I have deleted negative comments before, if they contained foul language (my little brother reads this), but I'm becoming more relaxed about that. But, why should negative comments have any effect on me at all, beyond brief amusement?

    #6: "You're still an asshole, Phoenix, and you know it." Well, duh! Hi, have we met? ^_^ Have I ever denied the fact that I'm an asshole? I'm not just asking you. Thomas? George? Mike? Anyone? Have any of you ever heard me say "I'm a nice guy" or "No, I'm not an asshole"? I mean, EVER? No. I'll even correct people. "Oh, Phoenix, you're so sweet." "No, I'm not, you just don't know me very well yet. But you'll learn."

    #7: Claims of superiority cannot puncture my massive, inflated ego. Nor can threats of suicide elicit sympathy from my stony resolve. But nice try. ^_^ Maybe next time, you'll get through to me...

  5. I may even delay my suicide another week

    Don't inconvenience yourself on our account.

    Uh, I mean, inconvenience yourself on our account do not.