Friday, May 09, 2008

Characters I don't Resemble, part II

If you haven't seen me this week, I've shaved off the beard (see Bloomsday pic, below).

But not the moustache.

It's such a different look for me. I've heard a half-dozen or so characters that I supposedly look like. By far the most common is:

Mario*. Maybe, if I wore overalls and white gloves, I might see it.

In second place is:

Wyatt Earp. Maybe I'll put on a cowboy hat and go to the gun range. I have a black suit, I just need a vest and pocket watch to go with it.

Tied for third are:

Yosemite Sam and Earl Hickey. I think Yosemite's is too long, Earl's too short.

I think most of it is that I have a moustache now, and these are people with moustaches. I don't personally think I look like any of them.

(* Mario picture is from here)


  1. If you let the sideburns and mustache connect, you'd be a dead ringer for Ambrose Burnside.

  2. Unfortunately, facial hair doesn't really grow on my cheeks that well. I could do a mean goatee though...