Saturday, May 03, 2008

I'm Ready For Bed

Gotta get up early for Bloomsday tomorrow morning.

However, it appears that some young couple is having sex* on the grass behind Dryden, aka, right outside my window.

I guess I'll go hang out in the lounge for a while and give them some privacy.

* Or possibly the gentleman is moving heavy objects while the lady enthusiastically agrees?


  1. Nothing like being in college, right?

    I would have grabbed my video camera, set it to NightShot, and taped some YouTube gold.

  2. I would have competitively mimicked there passion noises. Or invited friends over to watch.

  3. Ah, both good suggestions. My video camera doesn't have a NightShot mode unfortunately. It may be time to upgrade.

    This isn't the first time this has happened either. Apparently, it's THE place to go if you want to have sex outside.

  4. So on the 8th of May (National Outdoor Intercourse Day) don't look outside. Unless you want to see Emily and I going at it. Just thought I'd warn you.

  5. I thought that was the 1st of May? Anyway, I'll get the camera ready. ^_^

  6. The first of May is the pagan holiday of Beltane, where you put on masks and have an orgy in a field to ensure a profitable growing season. The 8th of May is outdoor sex day.