Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pre-Taped Call In Show

This came up at the Thomas/Morah Birthday Bonanza (and Bowling), but I had never seen it. Well, now I have. ^_^

From the 3rd season of Mr. Show.


  1. Nice subtle touch with the host having more hair in the previous weeks' episodes!

  2. I love how, the further back in time you go on the TVs, the more hair he has.

  3. I know! Very funny! Especially when I pointed that out in my comment...

  4. So now that you can't own my words you just try to repeat them? :)

  5. If you guys look closely, you can see that the host actually has more hair in the earlier episodes. ^_^

    Nice subtle touch; I'm surprised no one picked up on it.

    Kidding! Hey, you know who is a dick? THIS guy.