Thursday, May 01, 2008

Moving on, down.

So, the time has (almost) come for me to move out of my home.

I have lived in Dryden longer than any other place in my life. Is that sad? I can't tell.

Most people who live in Dryden consider it a home away from home. While I was in Japan, Dryden was the home I was away from.

But it's time to move on. Mostly because it's expensive to live here, and I'm going broke paying for my education.

In my quest for an off-campus housing solution, a friend of mine recommended this place:

That's right. It's a hobbit-hole.


  1. I've wanted to live in those houses since I saw them! If you move in there, I want to come over and check out the inside.

  2. A girl I work with said she went to a party in one once and that they're nice inside, but arranging your furniture can be tricky, since the walls are round.

    But seriously, I think they're awesome. You should totally move into one. Like Mike, I'm curious to see inside as well.

  3. You know, I could probably just schedule a look-at, and you all could come, right? ^_^

    If I did rent a place like this, I would of course have to put fall-out shelter signs on it. Natch.