Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just got back from the Squatch. Most of the caravan had tickets for Sat+Sun, so it was decided to camp out in the desert near George. And since there were so many people going, some of us had to go early and save camping spots. So, we headed out on Thursday.

I haven't gone camping for over a decade. It was a lot of fun. Wait, did I say fun? It was a lot of rain. A whole lot. It pretty much rained constantly except for Saturday, when it got crazy hot.

I was there to see Dan the Automator. He was playing with Crudo, whom I'd never heard of, but they weren't bad. And that introduced me to Butterscotch, who is ridiculously talented.

Modest Mouse played later and REM followed, but the rain had returned. In fact, we got rained out of most of REM's performance, and I love REM.

The following day, most people had had so much fun that they sold their Sunday tickets and came back early. ^_^ They didn't need any more fun. They had reached a saturation point for fun (and/or rain). Good times!

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera (although I did remember to charge the batteries for it. My old-timers is selective), so no pics yet. Hopefully I'll pick some up from the other adventurers.

(also, it was a tad more expensive than I anticipated. I had my credit card declined today for the first time. But that's OK, since I was just buying food, and how much of that stuff do you really need anyway?)

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