Monday, December 13, 2004

Adventures in Coffee Making

Here in Japan, every Junior High lunch comes with a bottle of milk (an actual glass bottle; trying doing THAT in America!), the size of which is standardized. So some companies make mixes that can be added to the milk and sell them in small packets sized appropriately for the bottles.

A while ago we had coffee flavored mix (in Junior High...), and there were packets left over (I guess some students hadn't acquired the taste for coffee yet; give them time, they're only twelve).

Today, of course, I mixed the coffee flavoring into the milk I used in my coffee.

To recap so far, I've made instant coffee using coffee instead of hot water, and now the sugar and milk is replaced with sugar and coffee flavored milk.

It certainly passes the spoon test (the spoon test is where if you have a spoonful of your coffee, you can't see through the coffee to the spoon; I may have to change this to: if you put a spoon in your coffee, it stands up).

Now, if I could only get that caffeinated water to make the coffee in the first place...

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  1. I guess they don't have espresso in Japan, huh? -)

    That reminds me, there's a line in a Shonen Knife song (they're a Japanese band for anyone who doesn't know) that might clear up this bitter coffee thing.

    The song is about hot chocolate, but the lines goes, "I like the bitter taste." So perhaps some of those things that Americans think are supposed to be sweet are supposed to be bitter in Japan. Just a thought.