Sunday, December 12, 2004

Worst. Class. Ever.

So, today was another "Here's the lesson plan, but you run the lesson" days. I was given the lesson plan and instructions to run the lesson approximately 10 minutes before class began.

So plenty of time, there. Grr.

Anyway. Words fail me as I try to describe in text the behavior of the students that period. Here's as close as I can come in one sentence: "In America, children that disruptive would not be allowed to come to school, period."

There were a few particularly disruptive students, and the other students around them followed their lead, resulting in a situation where almost no learning was taking place.

If I were not an ALT, and it were truly my class, I would have asked those students to leave, or sent them to the principal's office, or smacked them in the head with an eraser (grrr). However, us ALTs are specifically forbidden from disciplining the students in any way (probably because some ALTs in the past could not refrain from choosing action #3 above). And the JTE, the only one in the room that had the authority to discipline the students, wouldn't.

And now they're asking me if I want to renew....hmm...

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