Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Long and Winding Road

So, I'm still at work. I just finished grading papers, which is why I'm still here. I still have to do the English Bulletin Board, which is why I shouldn't leave, but I'm going to anyway.

Unfortunately for me, I gave the assignment, so it had to be me to grade it. The second graders are learning "There is" and "There are" so I described my bedroom ("There is a table in the center of the room. There are books on the table..."), and the students had to draw what they heard. It was a pretty difficult assignment (intentionally on my part), but more than I expected got perfect scores.

And some of the drawings were quite cute. :) Here's a picture of part of one (I should have scanned it, but that would have meant stopping grading and going to the other room. Snapping a quick picture with my phone was much faster). On the far wall are two posters. Most students just put squares with the word ポスター (poster in Japanese) on them.

Since you probably can't read Japanese, that's my name written there. Should I change my online avatar to this? :D


  1. At least you're giving a thumbs-up of approval.

    Or are you flipping us off? I can't quite tell. -)

  2. It's a thumbs-up. I do that a lot in real life; "Good job! (thumb)", "I'm absolutely fantastic! (thumb)", etc.

    In the other one, though, why is my shirt off? I don't walk around without a shirt on. Sure, I walk around without *PANTS* on, but that's completely different.