Tuesday, December 07, 2004

John Lennon

So, we're doing Beatles stuff here (I now know more about the Beatles than I ever thought possible; example: when John started a journal in '69, I know verbatim what the first four entries in it were.).

Today, I wrote up the lyrics to Imagine. As an English teacher, it really bothers me that he says:
"Imagine there's no countries"
It should be: "Imagine there're no countries" or "Imagine there's no country"

The problem with English is that it's so complicated. The problem with ME is that, now that I'm learning more and more what the rules are (whom vs who for example), I can't turn it off, mentally.

Sigh. The song will never sound quite the same to me.

1 comment:

  1. It bothers me as well. I typically ignore mistakes when I hear them in songs, but if someone is grammatically incorrect in a song when they could just have easily have used proper grammar, then I'm salty. If it doesn't affect the meter, why not be correct?