Sunday, December 12, 2004

The McDonalds Metric

From the guestbook on yesican...:
This isn't a whiny website at all compared to some I've seen (in fact I rather liek it). There was one I read a few years ago in which a guy was complaining about how there was no McDonalds in his town, and the third time he mentioned it in one page he had to qualify it with "It's not that McDonalds is that important to me but it just shows my isolation"! THAT was truly the king of whiny websites.
What a great measure of isolation! Not only is there no McDonalds in my town, I think the nearest one is close to a 30 minute drive away. Whereas, in most towns, there would be one closer than a 30 minute walk. Not that I'm whining... :-D


  1. Or in my case, there's one =right next door= to where I work. Believe me when I say that it is dangerously convenient.

  2. You should eat at a Japanese McDonalds; you'll get over it real quick.

    You know that spicy chinese hot mustard? They put that on the burgers.

    And it's expensive! The whole point of a place like McDonalds (I thought) was that it was cheap and fast, and we Americans like things that are cheap and fast. ;-)

    So I'm OK with no McDonalds in my town.