Monday, December 13, 2004

JET lag

There's this comment on the Festivus entry:
You have inspired me to not go into JET. Thank you. Good luck with your CBS and a very good, but not a fantastic blog ;)
Posted by Royce
I think there has been some confusion.

I LOVE the JET program! Living in Japan is an adventure. I would highly, HIGHLY, recommend the JET program to everyone with a college degree.

I may complain a lot about my particular situation, but we have a saying in the JET program: ESID, Every Situation Is Different. It's true that I'm spending more than my fair share of time in the barrel (that's part of my CBS; it is, in fact, what CBS means), but virtually all of the other JETs I know are having a great go of it.

On the other hand, there are many positive aspects to the JET program that I simply don't write about. I enjoy complaining, so that's what I do. I think it would be boring to gush about what a palace I live in and how good the food is here and how much fun I have. Boring boring boring. Although maybe I should take pictures of my house and post them, a sort of virtual tour. It is a really nice place. :-)


  1. Wait, CBS stands for Crappy Barrel Shifts? -)

  2. No; or it least it didn't until now! Crappy Barrel Shifts is much better (more viscerally descriptive) than Charlie Brown Syndrome. It's a little less acurate though, as it implies that eventually someone else will have a shift in the barrel, when we all know it's just going to be me again. :-(