Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cadbury Commercials

I saw this video just now:

It's by the same people that did the Trucks** video and the Gorilla playing the drums* video; all three are commercials for Cadbury.

*Have you seen this remix?

**UPDATE: Also a "remix" (more of just a music swap) for Trucks***.

Both of these updated commercials have played officially on TV.

***UPDATE III: There's also apparently one with Final Countdown. Is there anyone who can hear that song now and not think of Arrested Development? There's even a stair-car!

I don't know why, but commercials with music just really do it for me. Like mini music videos. (Also, it helps that the Cadbury commercials are so completely random).

The people that made this have an interesting Myst-like site. What is the mystery word? How far can you jump? Why is Phoenix so very easily amused? The world may never know.

UPDATE II: Saw the following comment on the eyebrows commercial:
12. Troy - January 24, 2009 9:41 PM
Where the f*** did she get a baloon?! SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT HERE.

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  1. Update Whatever-number-I'm-at-now:

    I'm getting tired of logging in and browsing to that post and editing it. This is much faster.

    ANYWAY. I went to the official site and watched the official version of the Eclipse of the Heart gorilla remix, and while the production quality is much higher than the fan version, they TOTALLY MISS THE POINT.

    In the fan version (to which I linked), it ends with the product fading into view during the lyrics "I REALLY NEED YOU TONIGHT". How perfect is that? Pretty damn perfect.

    In the official version, the timing is a bit off, and they miss it, only by a few seconds, but it IS a miss. Unbelievable.