Saturday, January 17, 2009

Foreward Posting

So, perhaps everyone has spotted it by now, but I'm not necessarily posting the same day I write something. That is, I'm writing this on Wednesday. Is today Wednesday? No, it is not. (Well, YES, it is right now when I'm writing this, but it won't be by the time you read it)

When I have time to post, I used to post a bunch of stuff at once, and then nothing. The problem is that when there's TOO MUCH stuff, nobody reads it, and when there's nothing, there's nothing to read.

So, now I spread my posts out. My post on the 10th (about flight of the bumblebee) was written on the 3rd, I think. Originally I had planned for a bunch of other posts in between that were more important, but I didn't have time to write them up properly, so nothing got written. :-/

Anyway, it occurred to me today just how creepy it would be if something (science forbid) ever happened to me. For example, my birthday meme post has been written, but is scheduled for my birthday (in October). Now, if I *gulp* were to .... you know what? Let's just say I became a Luddite. So, no one would be expecting anything new on my blog, but every once in a long while... there would be a new post. Because I wrote it before .... becoming a Luddite.

So, there's that. Just... FYI and all.

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  1. I'm two posts away from having stuff scheduled for every day until the end of the month...