Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday's Horrible News

Yes, yes, Joss Whedon said (again) recently that Dr. Horrible will be back. That's not the news.

The news is about the DVD.

It's only like $10*, and Commentary! The Musical! is worth the price of admission alone. I want MP3s of these songs (I've listened to the entire thing twice three times** already; they're just so random!). Lots of my kind of humor, and actual commentary stuff (like, did you know that Nathan Fillion was in Halo 3? Or how much the Horrible crew played Ninja Ropes Extreme? Nathan has the high score [119.7 yards])

There's also a separate ACTUAL commentary which is also interesting, plus making-of shorts and fan-made Evil League of Evil application videos.

It's been out on DVD for almost a month, so if you don't have your own copy by now, you're just an awful person. :-/ Why do you hate Joss? Is it because he always kills your favorite characters? Yeah, I hate that too, actually.***

*The price of a solo! (You'll get that joke later.)

**Dammit! Listened to it again accidentally while writing this post. :-/

***I am a leaf on the wind.


  1. We don't hate Joss, we just have no money. But we're probably going to be ordering it soon.

    Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin also lent their vocal talents to Halo 3. Apparently, Alan Tudyk can be heard swearing in Chinese, followed by him saying "I wish I was someone else right now."

    Speaking of YoSaffBridge, would someone please buy me this shirt?

    Speaking of Joss killing off your favorite characters: "If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater."

  2. Oh, and I have the soundtrack. I'll put it on a thumbdrive for you.

  3. To Mike: I think Phoenix meant that he wanted MP3s of the commentary's songs. Isn't DHSAB supposed to be my birthday present? You should get on ordering that for me.

  4. Wow, totally forgot about YoSaffBridge. ^_^ Nice shirt. Wait, did she die?

    Ah! Your birthday! I don't normally do presents, but I would have bought a 2nd copy if I had been thinking. :-/ It's only like $10! The price of a solo! (Seriously you guys, listen to the musical commentary)

    I'm trying to think if there are any books I need to buy (free shipping!), but I've already just made two Amazon purchases...

    Doh! I tried two copies (one for you guys, one for Thomas+Morah), and it's still $4.02 shy of free shipping. Shipping itself is $3.97, which is nearly halfway towards a third copy!

    **I'm up to five times now. :-/ It's just so catchy! It's possible that I like the songs from the commentary more than the songs in the show. They're just so cheesy! Mmmmm.....cheese....

  5. Alright, ordered you guys a copy, and T+M a copy, and GEORGE a copy. So nobody order a copy.

    And don't tell Thomas and Morah, because it's a surprise.

    And Thomas and Morah, don't tell Mike and Emily, because it's a surprise.

    And George, don't tell George, because it's a surprise.

    (Can you tell I'm not a fan of surprises?)

  6. I didn't mean you needed to buy me a copy for my birthday. I don't expect presents from anyone other than Mike. I meant that he was supposed to buy me one. But Thank you for ordering it. We'll pay you back, if not with money than with food, socks, or love.

  7. **I've now lost count how many times I've listened to the musical commentary. It's on constant loop.

    My favorites:
    04: Better Than Neil
    06: Zack's Rap
    10: Nobody's Asian In The Movies
    11: Heart, Broken

    These four = awesome

    About your birthday, like I said I don't really do presents. It's more that I just love this DVD. ^_^ Which is why I've bought (to date) four copies.

  8. Ok it is only to spread the joy of Dr. Horrible. Still we'll pay you back; Mike was going to buy it today anyway.

  9. YoSaffBridge didn't die. At least they didn't show it. Inara shut her in a huge trash bin in the episode "Trash." I hope she didn't die. I liked her, even if she was evil.

    Thanks for ordering us Dr. Horrible! I guess Thomas and Morah didn't do their job of making sure I didn't find out.