Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday's Missing Mug News

Hey Phoenix, why aren't you enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee?
I don't have my coffee mug.
Where's your coffee mug?
I don't know; it disappeared.
Did someone take it?
I don't know! Maybe? I looked everywhere.
Who would take a mug with your name on it from the community kitchen?
I bet you're longing for some coffee though, am I right?
Thieves are awesome!


  1. At first I couldn't figure out how they didn't see my NAME on it, but then I thought "maybe they wanted my autograph?"

  2. And then later I remembered that I'm not a celebrity. :-/

  3. Also, I'm having, like, the best day ever. :-(

  4. If you want the big EWU mug that you use when you come over here you can. We don't use it. Of course, when you come over, you'll have to use a regular sized mug, or bring it with you. Anyway, thought I'd offer.

  5. Wow, a lot of comments recently. Normally, I get almost none.

    So, maybe not the worst day after all. ^_^
    (typing from work at 7pm...)

  6. Follow-up re: NOT the worst day:
    Stopped at Safeway on the way home. Learned importan lesson re: shitty bags that can't last until I get to my car. I know that what I *SHOULD* do is bring my own durable re-usable bags with me when I go shopping. I also know that what I will *PROBABLY* do is just start shopping at the Trading Co.

    The worst part was that there was enough room in the other bags for me to still carry all my groceries. Hey, Safeway (since I know you read my blog), how about you take that extra plastic from that extra bag and use it in the other bags so they don't shred themselves in a gentle breeze? Then you won't have to bag each item separately. You'll use the same amount of plastic and WON'T drive customers away! Everyone wins!

  7. Also re: best day ever:
    My windows box keeps blue-screening. So, I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

  8. You should put your picture on it.

    But if they're stealing it for my autograph, they'll SURELY steal it for my picture, especially if I ALSO write my name on it!

  9. Phoenix, you're not a celebrity!

    Also, 9 comments and 7 are YOURS? Damn...

  10. You should go shopping at CTC. We started a few months ago, and it's amazing how much cheaper things are there than at Safeway.

    And tell Corben to go to Hell!

  11. Coffee Cup Update: The mug in question mysteriously returned today. No word on who returned it.

    Apparently, word around the office is that I was quite upset yesterday. I don't remember that.

  12. Just remember that if you do put your picture on it don't put it on the bottom. No one will know it's yours.(Hehehe I made and IT Crowd joke. That's right I watch the IT Crowd, without stealing it and for free. Of course it is on a crappy Korean website. Not that all Korean websites are crappy or that Korean's in general are crappy. The website just has some major problems, but when it works I can watch the IT Crowd {that is the first and second series; the third one's not up yet}).