Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your Fair Share

So, interesting bit of information (if it's true), there is about $140 trillion worth of combined assets on planet Earth. That's EVERYTHING.

Now, there are almost 6.8 Billion people on this planet (holy crap, remember when we hit 6 billion? Sure doesn't seem that long ago).

Anyway, $140 trillion divided by 6.8 billion people is roughly $20,000.00 per person.

So, if you have more* than $20k worth of assets (a car, a house, savings, belongings**, etc), then from a certain perspective, you technically have more than your "fair"*** share.

In case you were wondering. ^_^

*If you have less, of course, then you're not working hard enough.

**Hmm.... "belongings" or "possessions"? Different words, different connotations...

***Such an arbitrary value. To me, that's the opposite of fair.

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