Tuesday, November 08, 2005

[Challenge] Escapa!

I made it to 18 and a half seconds.


  1. Sheesh, do you have to be better than me at everything? ^_^

  2. I'm just saying...

    Anyway, you killed me on the IQ test. -)

  3. It's a good thing there was no pie-eating question on the IQ test then. ^_^ I =still= haven't gotten it. I keep getting stuck on 17. :-(

    This one, you can memorize the patterns. It's always the same. But, I didn't know how it worked the first time, and my time was like 0.5something seconds.

  4. The pie thing took me a =long= time to get.

    I think the main reason I did so well the first go round with this, is because it worked exactly how I expected it to.

    Oh, and kicking your ass on the pie thing was a crusade. Kicking your ass on this was an accident. -)