Sunday, November 20, 2005

[Me] JET Fool

So, I decided to pursue the JET comic in my "free time", but I've moved it off to another blog.

I welcome constructive comments. ^_^

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  1. I LOVED the comic strip Phoenix. Best JETfuel entry we've had in a long time. By the way, we'll be handing out copies at the Mid-Year Conference, but if you want yours earlier you could pop over tomorrow (Wednesday) and give us a hand with folding if you want. We're starting at 10.30am. It's a monster this month - 60 pages(!)

    Please, please continue the strip: we're aiming to do about another three issues before the end of the year. Originally the plan was to do it every month, but the sheer work involved for every issue put paid to that idea: I spent the WHOLE of last weekend at my school with Sam, frantically editing, photocopying and cursing Microsoft Word. And I thought editing would be a easy job...