Tuesday, November 15, 2005

[Work] The CHOsen One

Alright, showing follow-thru for possibly the first time in my life, I made a comic out of my recent work adventures. I think I need a better title. I used "The CHOsen One", since I'm a CHO ALT. (JETfuel is a perfect title, but it's being used. ^_^)

Anyway, given the tools at hand (eg, Paint and Word), I think I spent too much time on it (ie, more than 20 minutes, possibly even 30).

You know the drill, clicky for bigger.

(ironically, Blogger's "optimizer" turned my 64kb .GIF into a 137kb .JPG Way to go, Blogger! Double that image size, yeah!)


  1. My title suggestion is to have it be just, "The CHOsen". Or perhaps, "The CHO-sen."

    Still trying to find a good source of illustration.

  2. Of course his boss is short, she's Japanese!

  3. Yeah, she's short, even among Japanese. We have (12 year old) students taller than she is. It's come up as a topic in class more than once.

    How about "The CHOsen Few"? There are, I think, 6 of us CHOs in Fukui, and the rest are KENs, so that works out too. But I don't know the situation for the other CHOs, so I'd have trouble writing about them.

    Maybe I'll get away from the CHO thing entirely and go a different way. But which way to go?

    As for illustrating, I'm constantly tempted by the drawing tablets at the electronics store... not that I can actually draw on paper either. But, I bought a PS2 and a TV, so I'm tapped out on funds for a while. Alas. And when I have money again (5 days to payday and counting...), I'll probably spend it on games for the PS2. ^_^

    Cartooning is pretty low on my list of priorities. I really only did this one because the guys that put JETfuel together...


    Jet fuel... JET fools? Can I use JET Fools as a title? It sounds a bit like fuel...


    They were asking for submissions for this next newsletter. Otherwise it would still be in the "Procrastinate" pile.

    OK, back to work for me.

  4. There's already a Jetset Japan.

    I'm really leaning heavily toward "The JET Fool" or just "JET Fool", singular. As in, I'm the fool. Then, I can make fun of my character all I want. ^_^

    I really wish I could draw. I've been having ideas for comics all morning...

    (so much for it being a low priority)

  5. I'm working on a remake of the comic using a website I linked to a while back. I'm hoping to get it done today.

  6. Trust me Phoenix, my drawings would make you look like Bob Ross. Not physically, with the facial hair and the afro, but your drawings would look as good as his compared to mine.

  7. Meh, not too bad. I'm not sure the effort and time involved justify the end result, but there ya go. I'd still like to find something better for the characters.

    Jet Set #1

  8. Trust me Phoenix, my drawings would make you look like Bob Ross.

    Show me!

    Jet Set #1

    Dude, my supervisor is totally hot. What website is that?

  9. The characters came from ( http://abi-station.com/ ) and the BG images came from Google Images. The layout was a healthy dose of Photoshop.