Monday, November 14, 2005

[Work] Cocoa Redux

(or, What Phoenix Writes About When He Has Had Too Little Sleep And Too Little Coffee And Too Many Classes)

So, I was putting cocoa into my coffee, as I do, and I notice the redesigned bags. The previous bags had what I would call "regular zip-lock tops" on them.

But other companies use that style too, so that's no good. They needed a NEW design. So now they have this extra-wide zip-lock top, or what I like to call "the top that can't stay open".

They made the opening bigger by changing where they put the ends of the zip-lock. Well, now the ends are pinched, and they actually force the top closed. It's OK for me and my freakishly large, giant-mutant-hands*; I can hold the bag in the palm of my hand and reach up and squeeze the top open with my thumb and pinky, while my other hand spoons out the sweet, sweet cocoa.

But this is JAPAN! What the heck do my co-workers do?

*Seriously, what's with my hands? Are they really that big? I mean, I can press both shift keys down simultaneously with one hand fairly easily, but is that so unusual? Or is being in Japan coloring my perception of size?


  1. i think its just your japanese living. I can almost hit two shifts and i have small hands, cuz im short.

  2. Are you talking about a small laptop keyboard or a full desktop keyboard?

    I can almost hit both shifts on my laptop without using my thumb.


    But you're probably right. I need a vacation abroad.