Tuesday, November 01, 2005

[Me] Missed Opportunity

Phoen!x: Do you read Penny Arcade?
Dave: every couple weeks I go catch up
Phoen!x: They're from Spokane.
Phoen!x: Whenever they mention Merlyn's, I get nostalgic. ^_^
Dave: are they really?
Phoen!x: Yeah.
Phoen!x: Anyway, do you know the Penny Arcade Remix Project?
Dave: i haven't heard of that
Phoen!x: JETs here in Japan white out the words and give the strips to their students.
Phoen!x: The students fill them in with new words. ^_^
Phoen!x: Sometimes quite amusing.
Dave: hahahaha
Dave: that's awesome
Phoen!x: But they don't look good, because the colors don't photocopy well on cheap paper.
Phoen!x: So, today I sent them e-mails asking if they'd make a couple strips without colors
Phoen!x: for us JETs. ^_^
Dave: cool
Phoen!x: We'll see how cool.
Phoen!x: They could just ignore me.
Dave: yeah, they could
Dave: but as a fellow Spokanite, perhaps you'll have a bit more pull
Phoen!x: Ah
Phoen!x: I didn't mention that part.
Phoen!x: :(
Phoen!x: If I sent another e-mail, would that be too stalker-ish?
Dave: probably. or at least "oh, yeah, by the way, I'm from Spokane, too, if that makes you more inclined to help me out" would probably sound a little weird
Phoen!x: I could have mentioned how their infrequent references to Spokane remind me of home, and were a comfort to me, living abroad in a foreign land.
Phoen!x: That would have been smart.
Dave: It's too bad you're such a dumbass.


  1. I didn't know they were from Spokane. I really should read the strip. If I have enough time in the day to visit =your= blog half a dozen times, I think I could spare one of those visits to read Penny Arcade.

  2. why don't you just use an image editing program to reduce the number of colours and then print it out and photo copy it ?