Wednesday, November 30, 2005

[Me] DDD

So, I'm having trouble with DeepDiscountDVD as of late. They have a fairly good service, and their prices are low.

But, man, try and get customer support from them..... forget about it.

So, I'm looking to change suppliers.

Coincidentally, I saw a post or an article somewhere where someone was talking about their two big DVD suppliers. One was DDD and one was something else, and they said that they used that other one more. (Or something like that. The grammar for that sentence was confusing, which is why it stands out in my mind)

So, it's probably better than DDD in some way, right? I'll check it out.

Except... I can't remember where I saw that. Or even if it was a blog post or a Slashdot post, or ...what. Understand, I saw it within the past three days, but if you're an INFORMATION CONSUMING MACHINE like I am, that doesn't help much.

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