Sunday, February 22, 2009

Digital Tuner Stuff

I previous mentioned that the digital tuner coupon program ran out of money the day I signed up. Timing!

Anyway, I was put on the waiting list, and lo! Guess what arrived in the mail recently? My coupon.

I've looked at the comparison of boxes, and unless a better one comes along soon, I think I'll go with the Channel Master CM-7000. It's got good picture quality and s-video output. It's not perfect, but it's OK.

So, with the converter, I'm going to need an antenna!

Why don't I just make one? I found a couple sets of instructions.

#1: How to build a HDTV Antenna....CHEAP!
Mmm, effective, but not pretty.

#2: The Gray-Hoverman Antenna For UHF Television Reception
Oooh, complicated!

Mmmmaybe I'll just buy one.

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