Monday, February 02, 2009

Yahtzee Hates Joss Whedon?


Watched Dr. Horrible again last night, and this morning I found this video. I'm just flabbergasted. I don't think Yahtzee has seen Dr. Horrible, and if he did watch it, he'd hate it now because he's invested in that opinion.

(Yahtzee is a donut because he was described as 'cynical and twisted', except it sounded like 'cinnamon twist'. Go to the video for more info)


  1. AHHHH!!

    OK, so this post was written some time ago, but do you know what I did LAST NIGHT?

    Dr. Horrible!

  2. Er, WATCHED Dr. Horrible. Watched!


  3. Here's what my thoughts while reading this generally were:

    "Is this one of Phoenix's future posts? How funny, we were just talking about this last night."

    Then I read a little more.

    "Oh, no, he's referencing watching Dr. Horrible last night. I guess he wrote this today."

    Then I got to the comments.


  4. Yeah, Yahtzee has no idea what he's talking about. Joss Whedon can only write ditzes and badasses? What about Wash? Kaylee? Willow? I could go on.

  5. Actually, I just realized that the previous comment from "Emily" was actually from me. I was on her side of the computer when I wrote it, and forgot to log her out. So I said it. Emily, quit trying to take credit for my words!