Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forward Posting Revisited

How is the forward posting experiment going so far?

Well, drafts and scheduled posts now take up the entire first page of the Edit Posts menu (and part of the second).

Sometimes it's great, like during the week when I have almost NO time to post anything. I don't have to worry.

Sometimes it sucks, like when Mike posts a video that I have sitting in my queue. ^_^

Sometimes so much time has passed between when I write something and when it posts that the post is meaningless or out-of-date on arrival.

Overall, I like it. I can sometimes think of scheduled posts in the back of my mind, simmering away, and something new will occur to me, or I'll have a change of heart. I can edit it before it posts; I have plenty of time. And if I forget, well, then it wasn't that important. ^_^

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