Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Price Of Beer

On Friday, Feb 6th, the CS department went to the bar.

It was a lot of fun, but I did end up drinking too much (people kept buying me beers, what was I supposed to do?). I told a friend that he was annoying. I also was informed about a beer that resembles my beloved Sapporo. I should have left sooner though.

When I went to pay my tab (for the two beers that I myself had ordered), there were a bunch of mixed drinks on there. Not mine.

At this point, the waitstaff from earlier had already gone. According to them (on the phone), someone had gone to the counter and ordered drinks and said that they were Phoenix.

So, unless there are more of me (unlikely, since my doppelganger lives in the Seattle area), someone was putting drinks on my tab.

Anyway, the point is I ended up paying for the drinks. So my two beers came to around $27. Not quite $14 a beer, but close.

At that price, I might as well stick with wine.


  1. You also have a twin in Spokane, he just started working where I am.

  2. Ask him if he still drives that red Honda Civic! And take a picture! ^_^

  3. I'll try and get a picture when I see him again, and find out if he has the red civic.. but I'm remembering it as orange for some reason.

  4. Mine was the orange one; my doppelganger had a red one, but with a bumper sticker in the same location on the back.

    Of course, that was many years ago. Could I have more than one Spokane doppelganger? (Spoppelganger?)