Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Firefox Woes?

So, I was editing the Moosebutter post, right?

I had gone to YouTube looking for Terry Fator videos. I had never heard of Terry Fator, but I followed a link from Thomas' to Snickersnack's, and there it was. But those videos had expired, so I went to YouTube.

I saw that Corey Vidal had posted a new video. The video led me to some other sites and I figured there was enough material to warrant either a new post or an update. Since the post in question was already an update, I figure I would just expand it.

I added Corey's new video and a bit from the article. I saw a line in the article I wanted to emphasize, so I did. Then I wrote "(Emphasis mine)" at the bottom of the post.

Didn't look good there, moved it up to the "From the article:" line. But now I needed to un-capitalize the E in Emphasis. This was going to be my final change, then I could post it. Highlighted 'E'. Pressed 'e'.


Firefox freezes.... then crashes. Bam. All tabs gone, all update gone, everything gone.

I was pretty pissed. See, because this was an existing post and not a new one, I never got the "Draft autosaved at 3:49 AM" message next to the Save Now button. So, unlike a new post, it wouldn't be waiting for me when I restarted Firefox.

Restarted FF anyway, got up and paced and went for a cup of coffee while I fumed and composed a "Computers Suck" post in my head. Came back, FF was loaded with my saved tabs, and the last active tab selected. My "Create Post" tab. With my update still in it.


Did Firefox save it somehow? Was it Session Manager? Or did Blogger secretly save my post, but not as a regular draft?

Who knows? All I know is, computers rock! I love technology! ^_^

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  1. More like "Firefox Whoas", amiright?

    OK, coffee first, then comment.