Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Snow Leopard Coolness

Bluetooth is (at the moment) working again in 10.6.1 and I found a sort-of workaround for the previously mentioned remote control problems.

The workaround is to have Quicktime open somewhere. Not in use, just open. Because, hey, what's a little resource waster, eh? (The previous trick was to have iTunes open on a store page, but that takes even MORE resources)

Anyway, with the QT player open, the remote once again works with other programs like it SHOULD. (actually, it doesn't. updated below)

As biskitwheels said:
I believe there are a few issues stemming from one problem. One of many problems with Apple's growing desire to control your user experience.

The solution is to allow us to manage iTunes keyboard shortcuts. Turn them off, re-map the keyboard, whatever it is we happen to want to do, we should have the ability to do it, especially for a matter so trivial of a feature yet such an annoyance to us. Additionally, it is so obviously contrived to push their software on us it makes me a bit sick to my stomach.

Now we have such a egregious fail on Apple's part, this auto-launch with no turn off switch, it is getting bad enough that people are speaking out. I hope it opens up a discussion about users making our own decision to use itunes or not. Seems as if Apple thinks we need iTunes in order to breathe, which WE DO NOT.

Apple, don't just disappear your most recent error, stand up and correct it by allowing us the ability to shape our user experience, even in the most basic of ways.

And while you're at it, throw in FLAC for us, ok?

My reasons to stick with this OS are dwindling fast.
(His line about Apple disappearing their error is in reference to the threads in the Apple support forum that have been closed/deleted/marked-as-solved when the problem very much still exists)

Anyway, the New Coolness is that SMB sharing doesn't work with XP anymore. So, now that I have the remote working, I can watch all jack-squat because I can't connect to the file server because it's on XP.


Once again, something that worked FINE in Leopard that is BROKEN in Snow Leopard. Do I wait for a fix? Or do I reformat and reinstall EVERYTHING.

Note for future use: Time Machine is good for you, and you should use it. (If I had a Time Machine backup of my Leopard system, I could downgrade)

SMB sharing still doesn't work when I try to connect via Finder, BUT it DOES work if I connect via Plex. BUT! The Quicktime and iTunes tricks for getting the remote working, which work for VLC, DON'T work for Plex!

Apple, why you so stoopid?

Alright, it might not be malicious douchebaggery on Apple's part. It may instead be an actual bug. But I notice that they didn't fix it in 10.6.1, so...


  1. Although Linux distros generally require more effort to get things setup, they do sound more and more appealing everyday!

  2. Yup. If I didn't need OSX for my grad project, it would be GONE!

  3. It's for reasons like these that I never use a first-gen Apple product (hardware or software) if avoidable (which it usually is).

  4. Yes, that is a valuable lesson that I am currently learning. LOTS of people in the forums have said "wait for .2 or later at LEAST".

    <Doctor Claw>Next time, Apple!</Doctor Claw>

  5. > Note for future use: Time Machine is good for you, and you should use
    > it. (If I had a Time Machine backup of my Leopard system, I could
    > downgrade)

    Um. No, probably not. They managed to Time Machine that in Snow Leopard as well.

    This is really annoying.