Friday, September 25, 2009

Weight Loss Week 77

After I stopped tracking my weight last year, I swelled up to a ridiculous 244 pounds (according to my December 12th weigh-in at the clinic; it's on official record).

At the next check-in, I had managed to drop 20 pounds or so, in four months. It's been about five months since then. How am I doing?

This morning, I weighed in under 205 (204.8, to be precise). So, another 20 or so pounds down. Yeah, I'm a superstar. ^_^

Actually, there's been a sudden rapid weight loss that is a little curious.

Up until a couple weeks ago, I was trapped in the 211-217 range, but I seem to have broken out of it and now the pounds are just melting away. I hope that's a good things. ^_^ Of course, the winter/holiday months are fast approaching, so the hardest road is still ahead.

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  1. Kudos on weight-loss! Now that's a slope you won't mind seeing. Just too bad the economy seems to look like that as well...

    Speaking of resume @ tweet, I can help, but be warned that my past 50+ application attempt has all failed. Maybe I am the one who needs his resume checked? But IMO, cover letters are the killers.