Thursday, September 03, 2009

Save Piko-riko!

So this image showed up on Digg recently. There was some debate on whether or not it was SFW:

It was decided that it was SFWTF.

It's actually a still from the movie Funky Forest; First contact. In fact, you can watch the scene that leads to this here: Show/Hide
Funky Forest, Go For A Drink?

"He asks her to pull him, she asks if she's on candid camera, he pulls, his friend claps, he asks if he clapped 16 times, wearing a childs t shirt, exposed undwear, worn out socks, etc, she asks what's going on, they say you wouldn't understand, it would take 3 hours, she says she has three hours, they explain it's to save the planet Piko-riko, she agrees to help them, she inserts the navel probe, the little man comes out then they say their a comedy act, sometimes people laugh, sometimes not..."

And if that's not enough, here's the trailer: Show/Hide

It's not a new movie either, it's from 2005. It's even notable enough for a Wikipedia page. So HOW, if it came out WHILE I LIVED IN JAPAN am I just hearing about this now?

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