Sunday, September 27, 2009

Translation Party

One morning, I had a good cup of hot coffee. At least, according to Translation Party, a site that takes an English phrase and translates it into Japanese, back into English, back into Japanese, etc, until it finds an identical phrase in both. That's referred to as finding equilibrium.

Sometimes that is impossible, like when you find a translation loop.

They used to let you see what other people were typing in as well, but that was apparently too resource intensive, so the feature was removed (as of this writing; it may be back later).

One thing I wished it had was a game where you are presented with an equilibrium phrase like "And good sex, you need a cup of coffee.", and you have to try and guess the originating phrase. Show/Hide
"The two people wanted to fuck but instead they decided to have a delicious cup of tea instead."

They also made Question Party (but it's not as fun).

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