Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fun with GVoice 1

Google Voice (an awesome service, btw) has an interesting feature wherein it attempts to transcribe voice mails into text and send them to you as e-mails.

My mom confessed to me that she's afraid they are using this to listen in on ALL phone calls everyone makes.

So now we're going to play a game. I'll give you one of these transcribed messages, and you get to try and guess the original message.

What Google heard:
hey jane it's irene i was just calling to get directions i'm here in G V my phone number here gimme gimme a call back
What was actually said: Show/Hide
Hey Phoenix, it's Eileen. I was just calling to get directions. I'm here in Cheney. Um, I found your number. Yay me! Uh, gimme a call back.

We'll start off with an easy one. Our first message is from one of my sisters:
hello it's just it's terry spelling call me back
Answer in tomorrow's post.


  1. "Hello, it's just ? calling, call me back."

    I'm guessing that "it's terry" is actually your sister's name, which I don't know/remember.