Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun with GVoice FINAL

Yesterday's message was:
hey dad it's when you pick up credit problems she's for dinner but i wonder if you get this before you get here i guess whenever you get here okay bye
The answer to yesterday's message: Show/Hide
PHOENIX! Uh, we need you to pick up grated parmesan cheese for dinner but I wonder if you'll get this before you get here. Um, I guess we'll find out when you get here. Okay, bye.

How close were you?

So, what have we learned?

Well despite my mother's concern that computers are monitoring everything we say on the phone, I don't think we have much to worry about in that regard right now. In retrospect, you can see where the computer went wrong sometimes (credit problems she's = grated parmesan cheese). Speech recognition remains one of those HARD PROBLEMS in computer science.

Still, Google Voice is a very cool service. ^_^

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