Saturday, August 01, 2009

iGoogle aGain

Google has updated the iGoogle page for the UK.

You probably don't remember this, but I first ran into the new iGoogle last year, while trying out Chrome. I hated it right off the bat.

Then that became the standard iGoogle for the US. I really tried to like it (thinking I was stuck with it) but in addition to WASTING SCREEN REAL ESTATE it breaks functionality. Sure, it introduces some new functionality, but it's all for things I don't care about (like being able to send an e-mail from the home page, I'LL JUST USE GMAIL KTHX). [Actually, two of the old functions that were missing from the new iGoogle (dragging gadgets to tabs and minimizing gadgets) have been re-added, but it now takes twice as many clicks to minimize/expand]

I found that if I used the UK iGoogle, it was the older, better version. I changed my homepage to

Well, today the iGoogle crapfection has reached the British isles. Dammit, Google!

Complaining won't work either. There are *THOUSANDS* of complaints in the forums. Google doesn't care. They aren't going to go back.

From the forums:
FINALLY! - I found an official response from Google on the iGoogle Tabs issue!!!
On Oct.22, 2008 : A user asks "Can you respond to the tabs-on-the left issue?"
Google (Paul) answers: With my bold'ing of relevant text.
     Hi there,
     I don't think I've answered this question since last Thursday, but I'm
     happy to again. The left-side navigation is an key part of the support
     for canvas view, and canvas view is an important new feature of
     iGoogle. We're planning on continuing to develop and support the new
     features (as well as add more new features into the area on the left
     in the coming weeks and months), and have no plans to include a toggle
     between tabs-on-top and tabs-on-the-left.

     iGoogle Guide
So, there you have it!
Google's current silence on the request for a Tabs-on-Top option is simply a polite phrasing of f... off.
Well, I guess it is just IMPOSSIBLE to both use canvas view AND not waste screen space. Oh wait: There is a Firefox addon to give me my space back. *THIS* is what Google should have done.

I'm not giving in yet though. I've found that takes me back to the older, better iGoogle (for now).

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