Wednesday, August 05, 2009


So, you know that comic book "Kick-Ass"? Yeah, probably not, it's only 6 issues into it. ^_^

But already, it's the greatest superhero book of all time. I know this, because it says so right on the cover:

"Kick-Ass" is about a regular guy who decides to become a super hero. He doesn't have powers or abilities. He isn't particularly strong or fast or agile or smart. He is completely average, except he puts a costume on at night and tries to beat up bad guys.

And they are turning this comic into a movie. ^_^

It's being produced by Matthew Vaughn, whom you know from producing Lock Stock, Snatch, Layer Cake, and Stardust. Right?

But there's a very real chance that you'll never see it.
"Why? There are lots of reasons for this, but let's just come out and state the obvious: there's not a studio in town that's eager to market a film in which an eleven-year-old girl brutally and gleefully kills the shit out of grown men." — Mr. Beaks
Ah, yes.


Hit-Girl is played by Chloe Moretz, whom you'll recognize from ... well... she hasn't really stared in anything yet, although she has had a number of roles. You might recognize her when you see her.

But unless they pick up a distribution deal, you won't be seeing her in this.

Continues Mr. Beaks from his comments above:
"Under any normal circumstances, their reticence would be understandable. But now that I've seen young Chloe Moretz in action as the costumed crimefighter Hit Girl, I can only surmise that the studios must be averse to making a shitload of money in these rough economic times. Because this movie looks like a goddamn blast."
Sources (which are spoilerific, so don't read if you don't want to know major plot twists): =1= =2= =3=

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