Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Superpower?

Was looking at a psych test today and this question caught my eye.
What would you rather have as a superpower?
  1. Flight.
  2. Speed.
  3. Strength.
  4. The ability to make things burst into flame.
Now, these would all be nifty, but you can only choose ONE.


  1. Flight - you can fly! But you can't go into space (YOU burst into flame before you run out of air)
    Speed - I like this one
    Strength - Speed can punch you 100 times before you even try to land a hit.
    Burst into flame - ooo...mostly destructive, unless you like to lit fire up for people in winter, or work in the circus.

    I'd choose speed

  2. Why no contest? What makes flight so much better?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm leaning towards flight as well, although... well, you know how I am afraid of heights and all that. ^_^ Would having the power of flight cure me of that? Or would the power be wasted on me?

    Speed, you'd never lose a fight, you could take the time to think up witty retorts, ...could you run across water? That'd be pretty sweet. ^_^ You could win gold medals, you'd always be the first to buzz in on Jeopardy...

    Strength... doesn't do much for me. I don't know why.

    Burst into flame... well, I AM Phoenix... ^_^ I'm sure I could turn it into a power source. How far away could I use it? Could I use it from the other side of the planet? Could I make PEOPLE burst into flame? BAD people? Could I burn up incoming missiles? Incoming bullets? Incoming meteors?

    Flame is good. But without flight...

    I have to agree with Thomas. Flight does it for me. I could travel the world. That's really it for me there. ^_^