Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fun with GVoice 3

Yesterday's message was:
hey it's i missed your call from you know the restaurant scout again hello my name here and i hope this you night here on the way and not like on your way back gimme a call thanks
The answer to yesterday's message: Show/Hide
Hey, I saw I missed two calls from you. Um, the restaurant was kinda loud I guess. I dunno why I didn't hear them. I hope this, you not answering means you're on the way and not, like, on your way back. Gimme a call, thanks.

How close were you?

Let's try one last time.

Our final message is from Thomas (and is one of my favorites ^_^):
hey dad it's when you pick up credit problems she's for dinner but i wonder if you get this before you get here i guess whenever you get here okay bye
Answer in tomorrow's post.

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