Wednesday, October 05, 2005

[Followup] Dirty Pictures

OK, so we all remember the picture of me covered in mud, right? And how I gave the OK to Belinda about using it in the town newsletter?

Well, I never heard back from her. I didn't even know if she got my OK before whatever deadline she had.

Until now.

I'm sitting at work, and the secretary asks me something in Japanese that I didn't quite catch. She's smiling. "What's that?" She repeats it, something about....a rice field...

They used the picture.

Update: This conversation has now taken place at both of my schools. Probably 5 times so far. ^_^


Here's the cover of our town newsletter. It's like a little magazine.

Here's a full shot of the article (or at least, a full shot of the part I'm in. ^_^).

Finally, here's a close-up of the dirty picture itself.


  1. I believe it says: