Monday, October 10, 2005

[Work] Short-sleeves

Last week was the magical changeover when all the students switch to their Winter uniforms and all the teachers go back to wearing long-sleeve shirts.

Except for me, because I don't have the Japanese psychic ability to just know things that have never been spoken to me, ever.

So, today, I am the ONLY teacher at school still wearing short sleeves. And before my first class, I was already getting questions about how I could put up with the cold.

The cold? It's the SAME AS LAST WEEK. What has changed over this weekend?

I don't know.

Actually, the teacher that asked me provided the prompt that I must have come from a town with colder weather. So, I told her that my town has the same weather as here, but that my family is from the mountains, where it is much colder, so this is all still warm to me. ^_^ It's not entirely untrue.


  1. !!

    Yes, but how did you know that? Been holding out on me?

    One of the JTEs told me that shortly before your comment appeared.


  2. Further proof of the existence of the Japanese hive-mind.