Thursday, October 06, 2005

[Godstuff] Evolution

There's a thread over on Fazed about evolution.

There is a LOT of ignorance over there, but here are some highlights (for children!):
From: cwryn
Date: 10/6/05 @ 2:42 PM

Proof vs. no Proof. It is like playing poker against someone with imaginary cards. No matter what you have, the guy with imaginary cards can say his hand is better. But no matter how much he says so, he can't prove it to the other player. As long as the player with imaginary cards sticks to his guns and says that his "cards" are better, the player with real cards will not be able to convince him that imaginary cards don't count. That you need to have real cards to prove what your hand is.

Of course, the argument from the guy with the imaginary cards is "No, they are real. You just need to have faith and believe."

From: dontwakeme
Date: 10/6/05 @ 4:53 PM 49

"It just seems pathetic to be so insecure about your biological superiority, to a group of feces-flinging, rouge-buttocked monkeys, that you have to make up fairy tales. Like we came from Adam and Eve...yeah, leaving the Earth in the hands of two naked teenagers. That's a real intelligent design....

...And the reason there is no real debate, is that intelligent design isn't real science. It's the equivalent of saying that the thermos keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, because it's a god. It's so willfully ignorant you might as well worship the U.S. Mail. It came again! Praise, Jesus!"

From: dontwakeme
Date: 10/6/05 @ 5:03 PM 53

"Even though there's a debate, in schools, and government, about this, there is no debate among scientists. Evolution... is supported by the entire scientific community. Intelligent design is supported by guys in line to see "The Dukes of Hazzard."
Those previous two came from Bill Maher's New Rules for August 19th, 2005.

From: cwryn
Date: 10/6/05 @ 5:50 PM 60

Modern evolutionary fact was once only theory. Over time though, proof for this theory has been dug from the earth and decoded from our DNA.
Some Proof for evolution includes:
- Fossils of early humans that share characteristics of both Humans and Chimpanzees.
- Fossils of alternative human species that are now extinct. Among them were Neanderthals and Hobbits (Yes i know, hobbits, do your research before flaming me they lived on an indonesian island and were ~3 feet tall)
- Human DNA is 96% identical to that of Chimpanzees.
To put this into perspective, the number of genetic differences between humans and chimps is approximately 60 times less than that seen between human and mouse and about 10 times less than between the mouse and rat. On the other hand, the number of genetic differences between a human and a chimp is about 10 times more than between any two humans.
(More or less we are closer related to Chimpanzees than mice are to rats.)

From: wanderingjew
Date: 10/6/05 @ 9:23 PM 85

Jesus dies on the cross and goes to hell. Satan comes up to him and says, "For dying for all the sins of man, your punishment will be for your followers commit atrocities in your name, and your teachings bastardized into the exact opposite of what you taught."

Jesus says, "Boy, that sure sucks. Good thing they'll stop when I get out of here in a few days, right?"

Satan replies, "Yeah, man. Sure. Whatever."